​​A life coach is not a therapist. Instead of dealing primarily with your past, a life coach focuses more on looking toward your future. Life coaching does not involve diagnosing, treating or curing anything, but rather helping you affirm and embrace your built-in ability to reach your goals.

and to a positive outlook on life. Throughout her years of interest in true health and wellness, she has studied and applied to her own life these many different modalities.  Her insight has also enabled her to help numerous others on their journey to health through her business, Life Coach Service, LLC.  Her mission is to steer those who want results in the direction of good health, both emotionally and physically, in a confidential setting.


Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT, author of Gut Instinct, is a colon hydro-therapist, life coach and wife of a truck driver.  In the heart of the trucking industry, she directs her passion and knowledge towards drivers and their families by life coaching. She wants to reach even more people by using this book as another way to help others who are desiring progressive change in their lives.  She is there to show them how to transform their future and to direct them to success, to health

My commitment to you:

Is to be right there coaching you on, while you drive through to the expectations and goals that you have always wanted, by-passing the limits that you have set for yourself in the past.

If you learn and commit to these proven methods, you will succeed.  Where will you be this time next year?  The only way to find out is to try! Click here to fill out the form to get started.


Life coaching is a practice that helps assist you in organizing your thoughts and achieving personal goals.  A life coach listens intently and provides a strong support system that promotes tapping into your inner, God-given strengths.  For those of you who feel stuck, a life coach can partner with you and help pinpoint obstacles that may be blocking your inner peace, joy and happiness in order to move forward.  In short, a life coach helps you get from point A to point B. 

​To summarize, a life coach helps you:

Get crystal clear on what you really want in your life.

*  Achieve your vision for yourself (uncover and clear obstacles           that may be holding you back.)

*  Take action steps to achieve your vision by supporting you             and keeping you accountable.


Although she works with everyone, she puts an emphasis on truck drivers and their families.  Physical and emotional health, through nutrition and guidance are the top things that pull strongly on Carolyn’s heart strings.  Her personal story, events, and education have allowed her to excel in helping many others experience an improved way of life.

Truck drivers have a very special place in Carolyn's heart. She has been associated with the trucking industry since 1999 and has always felt strongly that drivers and their families have challenges that most people just do not understand. There is an ongoing need for these many situations to be addressed.

Carolyn is a certified Colon Hydro-therapist, Life Coach and has level one and two Healing Touch training. She has been naturally interested in health and nutrition her whole life.  The unfortunate medical issues of her family have strongly pushed her farther along the medical path of learning and thinking outside the box in a natural direction. She feels very blessed to have been able to help many others because of her life’s journey.