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Berkey Water Filter
Health Ranger Food for Healthy Living

Berkey I have been using the gravity fed Big Berkey water filter for close to 15 years now, no electricity and no parts to fix.  I love it!   I know that the water that my family and I are drinking, is of top quality, and that is important to me.  They now have FREE shipping and even more goodies for you.  WOW! what a deal. 

​                      ​Metagenics was founded in 1983 on a brave new scientific concept: how the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by influencing what makes them unique—their genes. 

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So many people these days are interested in where and how to get quality nutritional products.  As a service to you, I am happy to provide trusted avenues to support your health that I personally use.

 Coach Carolyn's Picks

Nicks Sticks I have tried these and they are good!!  A yummy and healthy way to get a meat snack.