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Be Your Own Driver is the result of a passion for drivers and their families that Carolyn O'Byrne has brought to fruition. She has driven it into many directions of service within the trucking industry such as, life coaching, radio shows, webinars and her new book Gut Instinct: Transform Your Life and Health with the Power of Your Gut.

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The trucking industry and health and nutrition are the top things that pull strongly on Carolyn’s heart strings.  Her personal story, events, and education have allowed her to excel in helping many others experience an improved way of life.

Truck drivers have a very special place in Carolyn's heart. She has been associated with the trucking industry since 1999 and has always felt strongly that drivers and their families have challenges that most people just do not understand. There is an ongoing need for these many situations to be addressed.

Carolyn is a certified Colon Hydro-therapist, Life Coach and has level one and two Healing Touch training. She has been naturally interested in health and nutrition her whole life.  The unfortunate medical issues of her family have strongly pushed her farther along the medical path of learning and thinking outside the box in a natural direction. She feels very blessed to have been able to help many others because of her life’s journey.