#1   What's your 20?   Free 
This FREE introductory 30 minute session is a no obligation opportunity to decide if Life Coach Service, LLC is right for you.  You will be able to ask questions and get answers.  I want what is best for you.  Go ahead and fill out the
form now.  I've got my ears on.

I can show you the key to your success, and what I want more than anything is for you to have it. I know the trucking industry and life coaching. Now, I want to know you! While most coaches charge hundreds of dollars per session, I have made coaching within your reach. You don't have to go on this journey alone. You can have someone beside you who knows the way, helps you through the obstacles, and leads you to where you've always wanted to be. 

Are you ready to be your own driver? I've put you in the driver's seat by making life coaching extremely affordable and convenient for the professional driver. It's your time, it's your money, it's your life. You decide which package will help put you on the road to success.  

**Please be sure to let us know what time zone you are in so that we will not have a time difference issue**

#5   Georgia Overdrive   $1450 Exclusive package
Picture how the future will be when you have the results you want.  Are you a very serious goal oriented go-getter.  Get in the fast lane with four 45 minute sessions per month for six months.

*****Cancellation policy*****
We are all human and things happen; we understand that.  We will need at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation in order to receive full credit for a missed session.  In the event that you are late to a session, we will start at that point, but will finish at the original scheduled time.  We want you to have the most valuable experience possible.  Please exercise these boundaries.

#2   30 for 42 Chat  30 minutes for $42
​Use these 30 minute individual sessions as mile markers to help you get started in developing your path to success.

#4   Zero to Goal in 3   $419.00
What are your challenges?

Imagine being on the road to success in just 3 months.  With this package, you will get two 45 minute phone sessions per month (every other week for 3 months), and on the off week you will have email support to keep you on track.  I can't wait to meet you.  Why not start today?

#3   Hammer down   $275 per month 
Are you serious about moving forward? Do you crave success?  With four 45 minute sessions per month, you will be in the driver seat on the road to success.  Come on driver, hammer down.

How to pay
After you click on the Free Session button, you will fill out the form to get your free 30 minute session. After your
free session just choose the package best for you and purchase. You will then be contacted normally within one business day to arrange which time slot best fits your schedule. If payments are more convenient, Pay Pal gives you 6 months to pay. Just click on the PayPal button below. ​

Congratulations on investing in your future!

​Pricing: Which plan works best for you?